Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Earnetize?

Earnetize is an online platform that allows users to monetize their websites or apps by integrating our offerwall solution. It provides a way to earn revenue by offering users various tasks, surveys, and offers from our advertising partners.

2. How does Earnetize work?

Earnetize integrates an offerwall onto your website or app, presenting users with a variety of tasks, surveys, and offers from our partners. When users complete these tasks or engage with the offers, you earn revenue.

3. What kind of tasks/offers are available on Earnetize?

Our offerwall includes a diverse range of tasks and offers such as surveys, app installations, watching videos, completing quizzes, signing up for trials, and more.

4. How do I integrate Earnetize onto my site or app?

Integration is simple and involves adding a code snippet provided by Earnetize into your website or app. Our support team is available to guide you through the integration process.

5. Is there a minimum traffic requirement to use Earnetize?

There's no minimum traffic requirement to start using Earnetize. Whether you have a small or large audience, you can integrate our offerwall and start earning.

6. How do I get paid through Earnetize?

Earnetize offers various payment methods such as PayPal, wire transfer, or other preferred payment options. You can set your payment preferences within your account dashboard.

7. What are the benefits of using Earnetize?

  • Additional revenue stream for your website or app

  • Diverse range of offers and tasks for users

  • Flexible integration and user-friendly interface

  • Dedicated support team to assist with any queries

8. Is Earnetize available worldwide?

Yes, Earnetize is available globally. Users from different countries can access the offerwall and engage with the available tasks/offers.

9. How often are earnings updated on Earnetize?

Earnings and statistics are updated in real-time on your Earnetize dashboard, providing you with accurate and up-to-date information on your revenue.

10. Is Earnetize free to use?

Yes, Earnetize is free to use. There are no setup fees or subscription charges. You can start monetizing your site or app without any upfront costs.

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